What We Do

The Modern Art Production Group (MAPG) designs and produces print and digital publications of all sizes and categories, for commercial publishers, government departments, associations and registered training organisations. Our years of experience, dedication and proven results have made us one of Australia’s leading publication design and production studios.

Our services include:

We cannot only help you with your next publication project but also any member, client, student communications no matter what they are. From designing and implementing an effective email campaign through to getting your next digital publication up and selling at the iBook store or Amazon. From designing and launching a website to implementing online training programs.

Book design, production and delivery

Cover and text design, Verso, recto, title page, contents, chapter opener, body copy, head and subhead—MAPG knows how books are read and, more importantly, what works and what doesn't. We understand what it takes to get it right. We can give you designed and styled templates, or we can take your publication through to typesetting and layout, print and digital launch on Amazon or the iBook Store.

Magazine design, production and advertising representation

If you currently have a member service publication and are looking to improve advertising revenue or reduce production costs give us a call and have a chat. No obligation. We can talk about how a digitally delivered version of your publication can save you money and increase revenue!

Website design and building

Want to launch a website to promote and sell your next book? We can help with that. Form registering the right domain name through to building a turnkey website that includes ecommerce functionality we can do it all. From launch to getting your site on page one of Google so you can sell more books we can help.

Registered Training Organisation programs

MAPG can build and implement digital and print training programs and guides to custom fit your organisation. Engaging online tutorial and testing programs, materials designed, printed, delivered and ready for students to use on time and on budget. From a simple online test to a full suite of training manuals, MAPG is the one stop studio for your organisation.

Digital publishing

Got an idea for an app? Need to convert your book into an epub? Want to launch on the iBook store? Believe your next book is going to go gangbusters on Amazon? MAPG can help you with all your digital content and distribution. We can oversee the entire process from conception to sales. No project is to small.


Design is in everything we make, but it’s also between those things. It’s a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda, and philosophy.

Erik Adigard


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