MAPG has produced and designed hundred’s of educational titles in Australia for both primary and secondary students and also many teacher resources.

Our studio is up to date on all requirements of the Australian education system.

We are capable of managing all design and production tasks, or are happy to integrate any of our services into an existing production pipeline.

Our services relative to educational publications include:
cover and text design, typesetting and layout, photography, illustration, editorial services, pre-press and print management.


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MAPG has designed and produced everything from celebrity cook books through to television spin off titles. From celebrating 150 years of the Age newspaper IN Reflections, to a cook book for pets for chanel 9 and to ensuring that new age and spirituality are presented in clear, respectful and meaninful ways.

Dealing with extraordinary content, authors and concepts and providing extraordinary results is what MAPG does.

Cover and text design and typesetting and layout are our specialty and we are now incorporating eBook systems into our existing pipeline so your final delivery of press quality files will now include ePub at now extra charge.

Other formats of eBooks are available and will be quoted as required.

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Health & Sciences

MAPG has been involved in some of the largest scientific (medical) references ever developed. We have partnered with many health and science publishers to produce and present world class information in a high quality, well structured format.

MAPG can manage and process information and material flow from authors, editors and researchers.

From manuscript to preparation of colour corrected print ready files a successful outcome is assured. The results of some of our projects are available in our portfolio.


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Professional & Academic

Business, law, accounting, economics, management and more are all familiar subjects in our studio.

Working closely with the authors and publishers, MAPG has successfully designed and produced many academic texts for use in tertiary & professional environments.

Our experience in developing unique style guides and templates that provide reader clarity combined with compelling design is recognized by many publishers.

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Fiction / Non Fiction

Biography, social issues, feminism, globalisation, bio-diversity, the environment are just some of the subjects that publishers have asked MAPG to design covers for.

MAPG create visually arresting designs that both attract and challenge publishers and readers alike. From thought provoking to simply clean, beautiful and elegant, every cover designed by MAPG takes into account all factors from manuscript through to the target reading audience!

Our profession is publication and we look forward to an opportunity to work with you.


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Efficiency is doing things right and effectiveness is doing the right things.